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Vision and Mission

Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University

Faculty of Management Sciences fosters academic excellence in the areas of business administration, accounting, and public administration, among high-quality graduates who adhere the importance of being the soul for the benefit of mankind. The faculty offers modernly-designed courses, striving for internationalization, supported by diverse group of highly skilled personnel and other enriching resources. The courses aim to promote and advocate the creation of professional association networks that cooperate in solving problems within the society and community of the southern economic center.


“The leading national education institution in management”


Cultivating graduates, executives and entrepreneurs with leadership skills and digital creativity for the benefit of mankind. The curriculum and research activities are accredited according to international standards, developed in innovation management and academic services to drive the community and society towards sustainable development.

Core Values


P : Professionalism – Professional performance

R : Research – Solving problems with research guidelines

I : Integrity – Holding the principles of morality

D : Diversity – Exchanging and integrating knowledge in various management sciences

E : Excellence – Attempting excellence







A leading institution with well-integrated disciplines of business administration, accounting, and public administration.

Core Competencies

  1. Having competence and expertise in the field of management
  2. Being able to adapt to challenging situations and modern management concepts