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Bachelor of Business Administration

Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University

Major in Finance and Investment

Major in Finance and Investment

The curriculum provides students with knowledge of financial management, principles of investment, credit management, financial analyst, financial institution management, international finance, business project management, and financial seminar.
Career Opportunities
  • Financial staff
  • Finance and accounting analyst
  • Finance and supply analyst
  • Professionals in securities investment, investment adviser and planner, securities analyst, fund manager / private wealth manager
  • Financial manager in public and private organizations
  • Financial manager in financial markets
  • Financial manager in capital markets
  • Freelance
Course Structure
Normal and cooperative study plans
A. General Education Courses 30 credits
B. Major Required Courses, 93 credits
C. Free Electives, 6 credits
Total 129 credits
Study Duration

Four-year degree