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Master of Accountancy

Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University

Master of Accountancy

Master of Accountancy

The program that has been established in 2011, included a study aimed at improving accountant performance in accordance with the qualification requirement of federation of accounting professions, also purposes to enhance the accountant's potential for being able to apply advanced theories and research methods to develop accounting knowledge and compete effectively at international level.

      The accountancy profession is one of the most important occupations as their duty is related to several sectors, which have an effect on economic and society. According to the Federation of Accounting Professions under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King, the requirement of accountant qualification must be at international standard level and the instructors in Accountancy program must complete at least “Master’s Degree in Accountancy”.

      Moreover, the economics expansion in Southern Thailand in terms of agriculture, industry and service sectors have an influence on the demand of professional accountants to support the business growth. In 2015, Thailand is entering the ASEAN Economic Community that caused trade liberalization, freer flow of services, investments, and skilled labor; and greater movement of capital across the region. Then, business sectors have to increase the potential competition at international level. Providing the accurate accounting information will be the main factor that help stakeholders to make sound business decisions and enhance competitiveness on business performance.

     In addition, the accounting profession is one of the seven professions, which included in the agreement of free movement of skilled labor at the ASEAN Summit in February 2009.As Thailand has signed the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement Framework on Accountancy Services (MRA), which open freely for professional accountant by allowing the entering of staff from one ASEAN country to another. Thus, it is the opportunity for Thai accounting professionals to work freely in accounting field in ASEAN countries. As a result, The Southern region financial markets are demanding greater corporate transparency and higher quality accountant at the international level. There is a need for highly educated accounting professionals with critical thinking skills and integrity.

     This program will develop accountants to have the qualification following the requirement of Federation of Accounting Professions and be able to apply advanced accounting theory in accounting research.

     The Master’s in Accounting Program is in response to new developments in the accounting, business worlds and the demand of the community, society, region and national level. This program will cultivate professional accountant for business sectors and educational institutions, also help in creating the educational opportunity in advanced accounting and reduce the cost of staff development in Southern region.

     Come be a part of our program!

The First Established Program in the Southern Thailand

The first and only Master's in accounting degree in the southern region.

High-Qualified Professors

Highly qualified lecturer with expertise and experience in accounting.

Well-Accepted Research

Both thesis and dissertation are approved and published in academic journal.

Course Structure
Careers Opportunities
  • Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance Consulting
  • Accounting System Designing
  • Administrative Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Internal Auditing
  • Tax Accounting
  • Tax Auditing
  • Education and Accounting Technology
  • Any other related lines of profession
Study Duration
2-year Course
Contact Information
Graduate School of Business Administration
2 Floor Executive Building, The Faculty of Management Sciences Prince of Songkla University, Korhong, Haytyai, Songkla 90112
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