Living on campus for international graduate students
Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai campus

(Exchange rate: Baht 34/US$ 1 as of August 2017)

1. Baht 10,000 / semester + Deposit Baht 1,500 = Baht 11,500 per one semester (one
*Remark: PSU uses the two-semester basis, with a summer semester in some programs.
The IMBA program requires first-year students to register for a summer semester.
2. Baht 24,000 / academic year (including a summer semester and Deposit Baht 1,500) (one
3. Max. 2 persons in one room. (Because of the limited available rooms, sharing a room is
strongly encouraged).
4. No AC, but every room has its own bathroom.
5. Mattresses, ceiling or wall fan, closets, tables, and chairs are provided
6. Electricity bill: Baht 9 per unit (depending on how many units each room used)
7. Water bill: Baht 30 per unit (depending on how many units each room used)
8. Convenience store (7-Eleven shop), coffee shop, ATM are located in the ground floor.