Undergraduate Programs

Name of the Program
     Bachelor of Accountancy Program (B.Acc.)
     The Bachelor of Accountancy Program aims to create qualified graduates with well-equipped knowledge, proficiency, morality and ethics to serve accounting professions and respond to the need of society for the ultimate national benefits.
• To create graduates with accounting knowledge and ability to appropriately apply accounting theories to professional practices
• To create graduates with morality, ethics and social responsibility under the Code of Ethics for Accounting Professions
• To create graduates with an ability to apply the theoretical knowledge for the purpose of solving accounting problems
• To create graduates with ability to work collaboratively with others
• To create graduates with the necessary skills related to quantitative analysis, communication and effective use of information technology
Program Characteristics
     The Bachelor of Accountancy program is a 4-year undergraduate program. The period of study is divided into 8 semesters and shall not exceed 8 academic years. The credits for the whole program are defined at 139 credits. Students are allowed to select the study plan to be either with or without Cooperative Education.
Prospective Professions after Graduation
• Accounting
• Accounting and finance consulting
• Accounting system designing
• Administrative accounting
• Auditing
• Internal auditing
• Tax accounting
• Tax auditing
• Education and accounting technology
• Any other related lines of profession