The Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) was established to provide education that integrates the science of public and private administration concurrently. The FMS was named and formally announced by the Royal Institute of Thailand on July 16, 1975, which then became the date of establishment. The FMS started off with two departments, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Public Administration. There were 47 students who studied in the first batch of the undergraduate program – 35 students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program and 12 students in the Bachelor of Public Administration Program. Throughout the years the FMS has progressed and developed towards academic excellence, striving to continually improve and grow. During this time there has been curriculum improvements that have changed and developed to meet the demands of the labor market and economic conditions, giving students the best education options to find success in their careers. Thus the FMS opened additional management programs that include bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and Ph.D. degrees separated into three departments: Business Administration, Public Administration, and Accountancy. The school has been rated favorably and recognized both regionally and nationally. A recent example includes an Eduniversal ranking, which included the FMS in a list of 200 Good Business Schools (2 Palmes league) from 2011 to 2014.

        Entering its fourth decade in 2015, the FMS is welcoming this very special 40th year anniversary and reflecting upon its role as a critical mechanism within society that has driven development both locally and nationally. This has been accomplished through the education provided by the FMS where the faculty has produced more than 12,000 graduates who have entered the public and private sectors, spreading throughout the country as well as overseas. Currently, there are about 3,000 students studying within the faculty. Meanwhile, the FMS also provides academic services in the management field, such as continually conducting research, providing a training center and also serving as a source of knowledge for the community. These are some of the many roles that the FMS has been providing the community and the country for the last 40 years.

      The FMS continues to develop academic excellence in teaching to produce graduates who are competent and ready to take on various roles within society. Students and graduates are regarded as seedlings that can bring the knowledge they have gained from this institution to continually serve the society and nation at large.